Oversharer’s Delight: A “Brave and Beautiful Story”

Author Live on Stage at Fitzgerald’s

Got a call from Maureen Muldoon one day in January. I pitched her a story for the Voice Box storytelling series she runs with Cathy Richardson. There came a pause in the conversation. I had mentioned something about a recent, embarrassing little dust-up, why I don’t know. Naturally, that’s when Maureen asked me to backup and tell her more about “that”. I looked over at my girlfriend Terrie, who was seated straight ahead of me, making the international hand sign for “ixnay”. Maureen pounced, making short work of convincing me to tell the embarrassing, little dust-up instead. I spilled. The rest is now on record.

In hindsight, the dust-up, while horrific at the time, is pretty much standard fare in the life of a writer.

It was cathartic to get it all out on stage and reminded me how much I creed I give to the expression “put yourself out there” as motto and mantra.

Cathy and Maureen, as the co-conspirators behind Voice Box, a storyteller’s series which combines an intoxicating mix of “live” story-telling and music, have been “putting themselves out there” for ten years! Kudos to them.


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