Schopenhauer in Love, a picaresque novel based on the life of the German Idealist, Arthur Schopenhauer, imagines him confronting his demons in an asylum for the insane. An incorrigible misanthrope in real-life, the novel posits the possibility of a different Schopenhauer, when, in the forced society of the asylum, his caretakers and fellow inmates overwhelm him with unconditional love. It is written as a comedy.

Paperback Mountain tracks the life of a pot-smoking ne’er do-well (AKA slacker) whose devotion to his go-getter wife nonetheless might hoist him to the status of a hero. Set in Manhattan and Brooklyn in the late ’70s, Hollis and his wife, Joanie, run a boutique literary agency, which happens to share a fax machine with another agency which operates out of the same high-rise office building. The improbably odds of getting a work of fiction published is cast as a metaphor demonstrating the aphorism “many are called but few are chosen”. It too is a comedy.

I’m sorry these novels are not in print yet (it’s not for lack of trying). I hope someday to furnish you with a link to a publisher’s site where you might obtain a copy of one or both of my darlings.

Maybe you can help steer me to an agent?